Welcome to Snowen Sound, where the name is as cool as our off-shore winter breeze!

Wondering how we ended up with this name? Well, picture this: our city, Owen Sound, turns into a snowy wonderland each winter, and voila – Snowen Sound is born!                                           

It's not just a name; it's a celebration of the heaps of snow that make our city sparkle. Join us for a month of frosty fun where the snowflakes and laughter never stop!

Snowen Sound Frolics is a family-friendly experience that allows residents and visitors to explore a variety of Owen Sound’s natural and built amenities. 
The event begins on Thursday, February 1, and runs to the end of the month, highlighting various outdoor landmarks throughout the city.

How it works:
1. Follow Owen Sound Tourism on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Look out for weekly riddles on their pages.

3. Solve the riddle, find the spot, and take a *selfie with the Snowen Sound Frolics sign at the location.

4. Share your selfie with #SNOwenSound2024 (must be public!) for daily giveaways.

5. Find all signs, arrange in order, and tag us for your chance to win!

Those who share photos from all #SnowenSound locations will be entered for a chance to win one of two Grand Prizes valued at $500 each.

The winners will be announced after the four-week campaign.
Additional weekly giveaways will take place for those who like, comment on, and share their photos throughout the campaign.

Bonus giveaways will be announced over Family Day weekend. Additional information is available on the City’s Tourism Website.

Owen Sound Tourism, Events, & Attractions



*In the spirit of inclusivity and creativity, we welcome diverse interpretations of the "selfie" rule. Feel free to include pets, kids, friends, or even a symbolic thumbs up. Our goal is to ensure everyone feels comfortable and included, regardless of camera shyness. Let's make this experience enjoyable for all - it's about having fun and fostering community!

Looking forward to seeing your unique selfies!